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clarencegloverphoto001-250Clarence E. Glover, Jr. is formerly Coordinator of Leadership Development for Dallas Independent School District (DISD).  Mr. Glover also served as Executive Director of Multicultural Education Dallas Public Schools, and as Special Assistant to the General Superintendent, Intercultural Relations.  He works with the board, administrators, faculty, staff, students and community in addressing issues of cultural diversity. He has broad experience in working with African American, Hispanic, Asian American, European American and American Indian cultures. He has worked for many years to assist segments of our society in addressing multicultural issues.

Before coming to DISD, Mr. Glover served as Director of Intercultural Education and Minority Student Affairs at Southern Methodist University (SMU) 1990-94. He supervised and worked with coordinators of African American, Asian American and Hispanic students in developing strategies for creating a positive intercultural atmosphere on campus that was conducive to the intercultural awareness of faculty, staff and students.

From 1980-1990, he was coordinator of Intercultural Programs and African American Student Affairs at SMU.   In this capacity he developed training materials on intercultural issues and served as facilitator of university/community issues relating to African American students and intercultural relations.

While at SMU, Mr. Glover was an Adjunct Professor for African American Studies form 1987 to 1993.   He was responsible for the development of curriculum design and the implementation of the African American Studies Course "Black and White."   The course was designed to explore the history of black/white relations from early Africa and Europe to modern black/white relations in America.   The course generated the student project ICE (Inner-City Experience) which is now a major university initiative addressing the academic needs of urban youth through tutoring and providing SMU students the opportunity to study urban and intercultural issues.   Mr. Glover also created Blue and Red Day the largest campus simulated segregation experiment in the country.   The experiment won the 1991 Multicultural Program Award of the year.   It has been considered the companion experiment to Jan Elliot's, Eye of the Storm, Brown Eyes/Blue Eyes experiment of 1968.

He is also responsible for drafting the Diversity Harassment Policies for Southern Methodist University and Dallas Public Schools both of which were among the nations first such policies in education.

He has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Grambling State University in History.   He received a Masters of Theological Studies Degree from the Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas, with a concentration in African-American Religion and Culture.   He is also a graduate of the Harvard University Graduate Institute on School Climate and Governance with a concentration in the area of Moral Education and Human Development.

Mr. Glover is a nationally known lecturer, consultant, and seminar leader in the areas of African American religion and culture, male and female relations, The Life and Times of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and, racism and intercultural relations.   He has lectured at universities, colleges, conferences, and public, private, and governmental agencies throughout the U.S. and the Caribbean among which have been The National Conference on Racial and Ethnic Relations in Higher Education, The National Society of Black Engineers, The National Black Studies Conference Department of Education   Washington, D.C., Harvard University, Rugters University, Notre Dame, University of Alabama, and the Internal Revenue Service.

Mr. Glover is listed in the Society of Outstanding American High School Students, 1974; Green Oaks High School "Male Most Likely to Succeed," 1974; Who's Who Among American Colleges and Universities, 1977-78; International Achievement of Youth, 1981; and U.S. Jaycees Outstanding Young Men of America, 1982, 83 and 84, and Who's Who among Black Americans, 1987 and 1994.

Mr. Glover is a member of the National Association of Multicultural Education and a member of the Board of Directors of the Texas Chapter of the National Association of Multicultural Education.   He is also a member of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference founded by D. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rev. Ralph Abanathy.

  • "Programming For Culturally Diverse Campuses"
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  • "From Chaos to Community: A City In Search of Unity"
    Martin Luther King, Jr. Observance, City of Shreveport, LA., 1993.

  • "Secrets to African-American Empowerment"
    Southwest Black Student Leadership Conference, Texas A&M, College Station, TX., 1992

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    Harvard University, Black MBA Alumni Conference, Cambridge, MS., 1992

  • "Working In A Multi-Cultural Environment"
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  • What Others Have Said About Clarence Glover

    You have written some of the most insightful commentaries I have read about the ancestry of we black people, as well as the evolution of the present.   There is such a lack of this range of perspective that it is critical that more of such writings and other exposures be made available both among blacks as well as whites."

    -The late Alex Haley
    Author of "Roots"


    "Rev. Glover has studied extensively the life and works of my dearest friend.  I would probably include him among the top ten writers and speakers today who can pass on the dream which Dr. King so willingly lived and died for."

    -The late Rev. Ralph David Abernathy
    (Personal Friend and Aid to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.)


    "Rev. Glover is an exceptional scholar with a wide range of knowledge on African and African-American life and culture.   He approaches his field with a keen critical awareness and with a discriminating intelligence that I have seldom seen in any of my colleagues."

    -Dr. Ivan Van Sertima
    Author of "They Came Before Columbus, The African Presence in Ancient America"


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